Simplicity: Day 332

NMSRobert by Robert Chapman

I think it’s a good idea to occasionally step back and try something different. I made a couple No Man’s Sky space ships today, and I tried my hardest to not go overboard with the detail. I feel that’s really something I would like to get better at before I finish this Year of Creative Habits. I tend to go a little crazy with the details sometimes. Today, I forced myself to take it easy and stick to the basics.

I think my ships turned out quite well, actually. I’m only showing one off here because the other one I made was for a long time subscriber of mine (Thanks, Brad) and I was a bit overdue to create some unique artwork for him as a thank you for his support. I have a whole lot of basic ship designs from No Man’s Sky that I can try to recreate, and they pretty much range from fighter ships, explorer ships (like the one above) and cargo ships.

For now, I only have what Hello Games has shown off to the public since their game hasn’t released yet. Once the game is released, however, there should be an infinite number of ship designs, all falling into those three categories I mentioned. Have I mentioned how excited and anxious I am to play this game yet? I believe I have, many times over.

Okay, so I’ll leave it there. I’m going to keep on drawing these ships because there are some wonderful designs at play here. I’ve noticed that justabout every ship in any general scifi universe looks like these (Except for Star Trek maybe), so I would like get these designs ingrained in my head so I can focus on my own unique versions, rather than the basic structure of the general space ship.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Yeah thanks Robert! I love my ship 🙂 can’t wait to see more of your ship designs

    • Awesome. Yours was an early design of one of these explorer type ships. I’ll have to make you a fighter ship sometime 🙂