Socialization: Day 338

Faces Preview by Robert Chapman

So far today I’ve spent about an hour working on the picture I started yesterday. I feel that it might not look a whole lot different from what I posted yesterday, as I was mostly just adding some yellow (as you can see clearly in the top left portion of the image) to highlight some areas. I also added some (and much better defined) faces!

Yesterday’s post went live pretty late in the evening, so I wanted to get a jump on today’s post and get it out a little earlier. There’s that “getting it out there earlier” reason, but then there’s also the reason that when I have yet to put out my daily post, I tend to kind of rush through my artwork a little more than I normally would so I can have something to show. It’s always nice when I have my post up and out of the way and from then on out I can just work on my art with out any distractions.

I really wanted to add some various color to the picture, but I think adding colors like green and blue (my colors of choice here) would distract from the epic creepiness that I’m kind of going for here. Red seems to have an easy time bringing that horror aspect out. I may still find a way to add more colors, but for now I’m going with a lot of yellow highlights over the red and black. I’m still figuring it out though.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wanted to spend more time using social media and getting in touch with other artists. I followed through with that last night, and spent about 45ย minutes liking, commenting, and sharing some interesting artwork from some interesting people. I’m noticing that there isn’t nearly as many pieces of artwork being posted every day via the most popular social networks as I originally thought. I mean, in general I’m sure there are millions of pieces that go up, but after searching a few various hashtags to help sort out the content, I’m noticing that there’s way more of my own artwork, and other artwork that I noticed the evening before, than anything else on there! I may have to find some other means of seeking out artists and their artwork.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Lots of menacing imagery looks like a wave of dark souls wha haha!! ๐Ÿ™‚