Odd Scenery: Day 340

Odd Scenery by Robert Chapman

I left myself a note about a week ago, and I kind of forgot about it. (See, I tend to remind myself to do things by writing myself emails occasionally. Usually late at night before I sleep) It’s been sitting in my inbox and I’ve just ignored it. I thought I had already did everything I needed to do, or in this case, write everything I needed to write about. However, I went to delete the message today and I noticed there actually was something I hadn’t talked about yet.

Even though I write these posts for others to read and enjoy (and to perhaps learn something from both my mistakes and successes), I write these posts for myself as well. I realized a long time ago that writing my thoughts and ideas down helped them become more concrete and potentially realized. How many interesting ideas have other people come up with, only to have them completely slip away shortly thereafter? I’m sure a lot of potentially world changing ideas just get lost. So, now it’s a massively important habit of mine to write my ideas down before they are forgotten.

So, going back to that week old email then, I wanted to try and briefly discuss something I’ve noticed over the past year. It’s not uncommon for artists to get excited about something, start a website, make a few sales maybe, and have huge goals of becoming a full-time successful artists. I’ve come across many websites like these during the past year in search of information, or success stories. Blogs about how they went from having huge dreams and starting out from nothing, then moving to success at some point down the road. You figure this has been going on via the Internet for at least 10 years, right? However, upon finding these websites and reading their posts, I’ve noticed many times that these wonderful artists get so excited about their work, and their dreams, until I notice the last post they wrote was from more than a year ago. Then, silence from then onward.

The last post they were right in the middle of something, working on some amazing project. Then they just disappeared. Sometimes there’s one more post, written months later, about how they’re sorry they’ve been so absent, and they’ve just been really busy with other things. I see this happening all the time, and I don’t want to join that group. I mean, I’m sure they felt the same way for a time themselves. You never really know what the universe is going to have planned for you. And no matter how motivated you are, and how excited you get about something, sometimes you drop everything and move onto something else.

I just wanted to get this written down. I don’t want to forget that I’m susceptible as well. Perhaps I’ll use those failed (potentially failed, anyways. You never can know for sure what they’re doing now) blogs to help keep me motivated. My ultimate goal is to always consider my future-self. I definitely don’t want to look back, however long from now, and have regret that I didn’t stick with this for as long as it takes.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    It’s not everyday you see a blue tree lol yeah it’s always good to keep notes and remind yourself if the important things. I should adopt theorizing things down more myself 🙂

    • Hello Brad from one year ago. “I should adopt theorizing things down more myself” lol Oh auto-correct. What would we do without you? 😉