Space Desert: Day 341

Space Desert by Robert Chapman

For the most part, I enjoy putting these simple scenes together. Although, it can get a little frustrating when I need to hold myself back from adding too much detail. I had to stop myself – on more than one occasion – from spending way too much time on one single part of this picture. The purpose of these types of pictures is to familiarize myself with themes. I’m really trying not to overdue it when it comes to minor details and over-complicated drawings.

There will be times when I need to spend the extra time perfecting every single little thing that I think needs perfecting, with these pictures though, I’m trying to learn how to hold back a little bit. Sometimes something simple like this is the way to go. I want to build a unique universe with it’s own story, characters, history, and rules. To do this, I feel that I need to discover a theme. A way to make every page of the story feel connected. I have so many different styles to the way I make my artwork, I really feel that this is the biggest issue I need to overcome. There’s nothing wrong with having skill at many different things (and sometimes that can be very beneficial) but I have to figure out what my story is going to look like. I need to make sure that when I draw a ship, a desert, or a cactus, that they all look like they belong to the same universe.

I hope I’m making a little bit of sense, at least. This “issue” is something that I’ve never learned about in the past, and I’m sure if I went to some fancy art school, they would of told me that this was important to figure out. I’m discovering this out as I go along. I don’t think I’ve technically found my art style yet, and I’m not even sure if I want to cut back on all the things I love to create, and just figure out a single unique style that suits me. I like doing everything!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I think you should totally pursue this idea you have Robert I hear you talking about it all the time so I know it’s important to you however way you approach it 🙂 I can’t believe you did this in 30mins cause it looks amazing in such a short time 😀 your mind and piecing ideas together works quick!

    • Yeah! But there was some cheating involved. Like copying the dust trail to make a second one. And copying that square pattern on the sand over and over. Thanks, Brad! I want to keep a similar style for a web comic story, but spend a lot more time with it until I’m satisfied. Because I’m not going to pull a Lucas and go back and edit after it’s posted 🙂 Even though I’m constantly tempted to do that all the time with my own stuff.