Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 2/365

Day 2

Hello there. Happy Monday, everyone 😉

This here’s a weird tree across the street from where I live. I take notice of it every time I go by it, and so as I was walking away from my apartment this afternoon I realized I didn’t have far to go for my next shot. I wanted to get the whole tree in frame though, but the camera I have still sucks, so I couldn’t go too far away from it unless I was okay with losing bark detail. Where I took this picture from I was already just about on the road, so this was the best picture of the few that I took.

I also did a little bit of Photoshop editing to get the colors just right and I fiddled with the black and white levels to get the image you see here. Then I put my little drawing on there and I think I like this corner mark better; just a little semi-transparent square in the corner. And I might actually go back and edit yesterday’s picture to include the same mark. We’ll see 🙂

Thanks for checking this out and reading about my process and this weird tree. It’ll be interesting to see how this tree changes as the seasons go forward throughout the year.


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