Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 11/365

Day 11

I found an airplane today. I’ve lived in this city for over 10 years and I didn’t know there was an airplane over there. Maybe it hasn’t always been there? I dunno. It’s not like super hidden or anything, I just don’t think I’ve ever ‘really’ looked around and tried to find interesting things. Today I found a frickin airplane!

Originally I took a whole bunch of photos (as I normally have been doing) and when I get home I sort through them and toss away the ones I don’t like. Then it gets down to just a few photos and I weigh the pros and cons of each, then pick one. Well, today I went to go through the photos, and – long story short – they didn’t send properly and I lost almost all of them. Thankfully, I still had a couple pictures of this airplane and the one I used is actually pretty good. Despite the low picture quality, which is bothering me more and more as every day passes.

I realized today that I’ve been pretty good with my money lately and I have a bit more than I thought, so once I find a good sale on a new camera (yes, I’ll probably talk about this every day lol) I can definitely get something half-way decent! I’m excited about it!


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  • Robin Ponte

    Ya that planes been there forever. Amazing the things you begin noticing when you’re trying to capture a photo 🙂 keep up the good work bob, hopefully a new camera in the near future for you

    • Oh, good to know! There was more than a few things in that park that looked photo worthy. I’m going to likely wait for the spring or summer though before going there again.

      Thanks! I hope I can somehow find exactly what I want.

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