Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 14/365

Day 14

Hey there! Happy Saturday.

Now that I have these two weeks of taking photographs under my belt, I figured it would be about time to start taking some more interesting photos. Most of the pictures I’ve taken so far have been relatively boring and safe, in general. Considering that I have more than 350 days left to go, I’m going to have to start finding new things to shoot.

I liked this picture because it kind of has a lightning looking effect. If you don’t think of what is actually happening in the picture, or how it was shot, it just feels like streams of lightning moving from the “top” to the “bottom”. Where in fact that’s not what’s really going on. It’s things like that that are likely written in photography books anyways, I’m just kind of figuring this stuff out for myself.

I’ll start reading more stuff on photography when I have a camera that can actually make use of the settings they all recommend.


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  • Robin Ponte

    Looks awesome, and agreed lightening comes to mind. Loving the purple tinge to the sky, all round awesomeness:)

    • Glad you like it, and happy you like the slight purpleness 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    This is a bit creepy, looks like you are about to get attacked by some evil tree from above >< i like it!

    • It does, doesn’t it! I’ve been thinking about trying hard to find some creepy imagery on purpose. It’ll work better when I can take pictures at darker times of the day, I feel. Definitely going to do that some time this year!