Minecraft Style: Day 207

Work in Progress Photoshop drawing

I want this image to have a bit of a video game feel to it. Almost like it contains a bunch of building blocks (Minecraft style perhaps) put together to make some artwork. We have the grassy area there, then there’s the water that I just started working on, and I might find a way to put some tan colored dirt in the bottom right squares. Something like that anyways…

I’ve been thinking a lot today about money in general. The world is so saturated with successful artists that sometimes I sit and think that I’ll never make it. I plan to make artwork and blog about it for as long as it takes, no matter how difficult or occasionally frustrating it may get. I’ve said it before, but I’m committed for life now. This is something I want to do every day.

Today though, I’m feeling that it’s going to be much more likely that I get lucky in order to become successful, rather than the hard work I’m putting in. Today I was watching some live streams on Kinda Funny, as I often do, and almost all of the game developers they were interviewing were talking about how lucky they were when it came to finding success.

I’m going to use this as my inspirational moment for today as well. I mean, I’m feeling a little down today about the whole making money and becoming successful thing, but on the other hand, anyone seems to be able to make it. I think it could be more important to just put the work in. It doesn’t really matter how talented you are maybe, you just might just need to stick with it and get noticed by people that have that success.

I dunno, just some interesting thoughts. I’m really glad I have this teeny tiny corner on the interwebs to write out what I’m thinking. Most days it’s overwhelming positivity, but today, despite actually finding a bright side in there, I’m having some moments of tribulation.


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