Colorful Abstract Drawing: Day 235

Circular Abstract digital painting by Robert Chapman

It’s Tuesday! I was thinking about working on my Chameleon today, but I looked at my schedule and I wanted to make Tuesday a day where I build something colorful and abstract. Well, my Chameleon does kind of fit into that category, but I ultimately decided to create something new. I’m glad I did, this abstract picture turned out exactly as I had hoped it would!

Spotify launched on Playstation 4 yesterday, and I am so happy to finally have a music specific (Youtube doesn’t count!) application that I can throw on when I’m doing my artwork. For awhile now I’ve played my music on my laptop, and it was kind of annoying because my laptop just doesn’t have very good sound quality output. I sometimes use headphones, but they just get in the way when I’m drawing.

With this Spotify app I can toss a genre at it and a playlist comes up. Today is my first day using it, and so far the first playlist I started has been fantastic. I’m not sure if it’ll always be like that, but so far it’s been terrific. The sound on my television is probably the best I can possibly produce given the technology that I personally own. So I couldn’t be happier with the app.

Alright, I’ve just been notified that I have to go meet someone. So I’ll cut this off here. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week so far!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looks like alien virus bug things you see in those lab microscope things lol awesome!

    • Always love your creativity, Brad. It does look like what you described 🙂