Axiom Verge: Day 236

Painted Chameleon by Robert Chapman

I wanted to spend a lot more time with this guy today, but not only did I get up way later than I was hoping I would, but I’ve been busy too. I made sure to set aside an hour or so to do my artwork, but I would really like to either do some more tonight before bed, or spend at least 3 hours tomorrow to make up for it.

Yesterday, I bought this Playstation 4 game called Axiom Verge, and I’m surprised by how much I’m in love with the game. It’s been taking up a lot of my free time. Free time that I would of otherwise spent on my various art projects. I figured the game would of been a 5-10 hour adventure, but it feels now like it’s going to be more like 10-20 hours, at least! Of course, I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m getting good value for my money.

Axiom Verge is definitely a game that’s going to inspire me to create something. I’ve already taken some awesome screenshots that should eventually lead to some wicked 8-bit style artwork. Before I get going on any of that though, I have at least three projects currently in the works that I would like to finish. Well, at least get one or two of those done before I consider starting something brand new.

If you’re playing Axiom Verge, what do you think of the game so far? It’s an NES/SNES style Metroid inspired adventure game with epic amounts of secrets and items. Does it sound like something you would be interested in?


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  • Sierra Spanton

    Looking awesome bobby!

    • Oh! Thanks, Sierra. Appreciate the comment. đŸ˜€