Having Patience: Day 250

"Colored Leafy" pen/pencil drawing by Robert Chapman

I’m not sure if this drawing will turn out as good as I’m hoping, but I do love jumping into a project with no guarantees. I may regret making it so colorful in the end, but perhaps I should just go all out with the colors so it all fits into a specific mood or theme. I just need to stay patient, and keep working. The leafy looking bits in the background are killing my wrist, but I know they’ll look good when it’s all finished.

I started working on this picture last night, and later on while I was laying in bed, I actually decided to scrap this one and move onto another project instead. However, when I looked at it this morning it seemed to put me in good spirits. Now I have to go ahead and finish it. I hate wasting good materials anyways.

Sometimes I lack the patience to keep working on a project that feels daunting. Maybe it’s laziness, but I’m not too sure. I’ve finished enough long term projects to know that I can absolutely finish something like this. So I think I should just keep making progress. Steady as she goes, I guess.

I actually have a lot of interesting ideas in my head that I would love to see put onto paper, however most of them are extremely detailed and would take an exorbitant amount of time to finish. As I mentioned above, I hate wasting my materials, so I wouldn’t want to get started on a project and never finish it. That doesn’t happen all that often, but it has happened a couple times during this Year of Creative Habits.


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