Chinese Water Dragon: Day 251

Water Dragon Oily by Robert Chapman

I was originally going to have the continuation of yesterday’s drawing be the front image for today, however I also put some fun paint effects on this photo of a water dragon and I think it’s worth showing off. I would still like to actually paint my own version of this sometime, rather than adding Photoshop effects, but I’m still toying with different ideas. I think I want to go completely abstract with it and perhaps make it full of swirly colorful bits.

"Colored Leafy" pen/pencil drawing by Robert Chapman

So, since today’s updated drawing doesn’t look a whole lot different than yesterday’s, I went with the water dragon at the top. I spent a good hour or so on this, but it’s not a whole lot different. That’s why I decided to mess around with the camera and do something different. I dunno, even though I’m quite sure it’s going to turn out into something epic (maybe I’m the only one that can see that at the moment), right now it’s going to look the same for a few days or so.

I have some really good ideas for the colored circles at the top, but for now I’m not going to go into too much detail just in case I decide to change my mind about it. I want to go from semi-random colors to a consistent pattern by the bottom of the page. It potentially could look pretty cool. There’s no real downside to trying it, besides using materials. The time spent will be, at the very least, a learning experience. I’m just jumping into something new and taking a chance on it.


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