100 Days Left: Day 265

New Space by Robert Chapman

It’s funny, there were a few moments where I wasn’t sure if today’s space scene was going to turn out. I was having a heck of a time with… well… pretty much everything. I stuck with it and a couple hours later I ended up with this. I added in a few of my other planets that I’ve made previously. I wasn’t going for a realistic scene today so much as something pretty beautiful to look at, actually.

It was suggested to me on the Year of Creative Habits Facebook group that I should think about making some desktop wallpapers available for people to use. I’m not sure I’m creating things at a consistent enough quality yet to say all of my pictures are wallpaper worthy, and some would surely argue that what I did today isn’t, but today’s picture was created from scratch at 1600 x 900px so anybody should be able to use this as their desktop wallpaper. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to set it as mine for a few days to remind me that even when a project isn’t looking so hot, you can fix it and make it awesome.

So, I have exactly 100 days to go to mark exactly 365 days/posts on this website. I think I’m going to continue doing these space scenes for a little while yet as I have more fun doing these than anything else I’ve done, and they seem to get the most attention from the wonderful Internet folk out there. Last night I began posting on Reddit and Imgur and while Reddit has been very slow, overnight I saw a whole bunch of wonderful comments on the few pieces of artwork I uploaded over there on Imgur. I was surprised when I started getting comments, and it was awesome going back and forth replying to them!

This has beenย a much more manageable post then my last two posts! So, with that I’m going to go for a walk while the weather is still decent. I’ve put in a lot of hours lately with my drawing, social media, my website, and doing those tutorials. I hope (but am not expecting) that I look back on everything I’m doing right now with these space scenes and everything else, and can maybe mark this as a big turning point in finding what I’m good at, and what I continued to do to find success. I could draw outer space forever.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Yes draw these forever and ever amen! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ everything looks awesome here

    • lol thanks, Brad! I’m going to stick with this for awhile because there is always new things to draw in spaaaaaace!

  • eggy1187 .

    Looking amazing as always! Keep up the good work, you know i’m already impressed with your talent and yet you keep impressing with each new piece that i see

    • Eggy! Thank you, sir. I really appreciate the kind words, and that you took the time to comment ๐Ÿ™‚