Scenery Painting: Day 119

Mountain painting in Photoshop

It feels really good to get pretty much everything painted. I was originally just going to get started on the mountain today, maybe even finish it, but once I got the base color down I wanted to keep going and do that for all of the objects in the painting. After that, I went ahead and created new trees. This time with a better brush. I’m not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I started this painting, as I started it with a blurry brush and up close it looked horrible. So now I have things on the right track.

Seems it wasn’t a fluke that I’ll be pretty decent at painting scenery, because this one is also turning out pretty well. So far it is anyways. I have confidence that I’ll be able to finish it and be pretty satisfied overall. I still have yet to look up any businesses that could help me print out these painting and mail them to me. I know they exist, I’ve read about them before, I just need to do my research. I don’t feel like I’m in a hurry or anything, so I’m taking my time with it. Once I get one printed and (if it’s printed quality is high enough) framed, then I can think about selling them.