Supernaturally Sinister: Day 123

Photoshop painting called "Lurking Beneath"

Wait a tick, that’s not the painting from yesterday! Yeah, well I sat down and loaded up the painting I’ve been working on for five days now, and realized that I dreaded working on it. That’s not what this project is supposed to be about. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it yet, especially after what I created today, but I’m leaving it alone for now. The frustration is gone and now I’m enjoying this “me time” once again with today’s unique piece.

Well, where do I begin with what I painted today? I feel that today’s image comes across as very supernaturally sinister. There’s only one color: Crimson red, and the rest is all black and white. I’m not really meaning to get too detailed, but I originally wanted this to just be black and white to begin with. Two opposing tones to signify two opposing sides. Then I used both vertical and horizontal brush strokes to blend it all together. I added in some red and right away it felt bloody. I imaged this as a poster on my wall, and added some bright white, which usually signifies something supernatural-esque (think Ghostbusters), creeping over the sides of the poster. I then blended the red into everything else using similar techniques as I did with the white and black. I finished this picture off with the claw marks as a spot to draw the focus away from the ominous dark shape.

I think it’s pretty neat. This was so much fun that I’ll probably do some more as the days go on. I have a feeling I’ll want to do some real painting, similar to what I worked on today, sooner than later.