Space Whale: Day 126

Alien space creature descending on a unsuspecting planet

Well, this kind of looks like the cover to an epic comic book. And as soon as I figured out that my nebula kind of looked like a creature, I thought it looked like a cosmic whale thing from Star Trek. Don’t you think?

I have to say, this guy turned out really awesome. The planets too, for that matter. All of this was painted with the mixer paint brushes in Photoshop. Usually when I make a space scene (Thanks for the suggestion, Justin Earhart!), I use lots of features (like adding graininess to the image as stars) to create it. However, this time I just painted the whole thing. Sure, it takes a lot longer, but then you have complete control over everything and actually have to put in the work.

Speaking of which, this entire thing, from start to finish, took roughly 3 hours. Not too shabby for how awesome it all turned out. Sometimes, as any followers of my website would notice, it takes me days and days to paint something decent.

So, any suggestions for next time? My sister suggested that I draw something “jungle” related. So maybe I’ll try that. Probably something abstract and not actually trees and such, but who knows! We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow.