Threads and Waves: Day 124

Photoshop Painting titled, "Threads"

I feel like I could just keep on painting these throughout the day. Even though my laptop is a little bit slow when I’m working with such massive image sizes, I can still get these paintings done. It just loads slow when I use large brushes, therefore effecting huge amounts of detail across the image. I’m not sure what kind of computer upgrade I would need, but it would probably have to be substantial anyways. I think I’m good with what I’m working with currently. Not that I can just go out and buy a new computer anyways.

This first painting (above) I titled “Threads”, because that’s exactly what it reminds me of; strings of fabric. If you open up the image full screen you’ll notice how much detail is actually in there! I’m impressed with the performance I’m actually getting out of my computer with all things considered.

Photoshop painting called, Making Waves."

I have another image to post today as well. I did this one right after doing the “Threads” one. It’s directly above and I call it “Making Waves”, for reasons that should be obvious. This version that I uploaded is actually smaller than “Threads” because I’m keeping the full sized image on my hard-drive. So when you open it up it should have less detail than if it was the actual original version. However, like I said, I have the original full-sized file available. I’ll just post a small second image to show the detail. I think the zoomed image could easily be it’s own standalone painting! Any suggestions on colors or themes I should try painting next? Ideas are always welcome.

Zoomed in painting