Merry Christmas! Day 139

Photoshop Painting

Merry Christmas, everyone. This is my first, and last, Christmas during this year of creative habits project. I mean, I may do another year after I’m finished with this one, but this is my first. I noticed that I pretty much completely stayed away from Christmas/holiday themed artwork up until this point. I find that a little bit surprising. I guess when I went and drew all those Halloween inspired creations it was more up my alley. Creatures and all that makes more sense to me than Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and reindeer. I do love a snowy winter though, so maybe I’ll incorporate that at some point. I haven’t been in the winter spirit yet though. We haven’t really had much snow this winter.

Would anyone out there like to see more holiday themed artwork? Honestly, if there’s any actual demand for it I would gladly do it. I’ve had an image in my head for awhile now. An image related to wintertime. An old forgotten vehicle buried in the snow. Kinda of twilight time of day with a lot of pine trees around. I can’t remember where that image came from, but it was a month or two ago when I started thinking about it. I definitely should get that onto paper. Even if I don’t finish it, because I expect it would take a long time to complete. It would be nice to just get it on “paper”