Underwater: Day 128

Photoshop painting of underwater

Thanks for the suggestion, Brad! This was so much fun to paint and I’m not even finished with it yet. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to make it an “alien” underwater scene, which Brad also suggested the other day. That way I’m not limited in what I can add to this scene by what’s already here on Earth. Limits suck. So let’s avoid them.

I think I have this “painting in Photoshop” thing down pretty good now. I’m still finding new ways to do things all the time though (those plants had so many do-overs) and Photoshop is so clever. When I was doing the comic book style text for yesterday’s post, Photoshop knew I wanted to put text inside those green boxes I had already created. The text, rather than having it’s own separate text box, made use of the boxes I had already drawn as the guidelines for the text. Pretty awesome. Not to mention incredibly useful. It’s also really smart when it comes to aligning objects properly. I don’t think I would enjoy adding text to my pictures very much if it wasn’t for those nifty features. Because without those features, math and rulers would be involved. No fun for me! Or less fun, at least.

I’m not going to ask my usual questions today for what to do next as I’m still working on this one. So, for today can I ask for suggestions on what I could possibly add to this underwater scene? Color suggestions would be awesome. For plants and/or alien life perhaps. I’m definitely going to try and paint in some bright colorful coral. Not sure exactly how to go about doing that yet though. I’ll have to experiment tomorrow.