Everywhere Tendrils: Day 177

Photograph of pen drawing

When I started this abstract design the other day, I was in the mindset of trying to create, visually, the feeling of an infinite number of creepy tendrils reaching for you from all directions. Claustrophobia, as well. So far, I think a bit of those feelings attached to it. Honestly, the “tendrils” idea kind of came from a strange thought. Imagine you knew that they were arms and hands, attached to angry people, reaching for you. Trying to grab you and pull you god knows where. But you close your eyes and so what you feel tugging at your clothes and limbs suddenly feels like it could be anything. Anything “tendril” like. It’s a strange thought, and I don’t often go into what my thought process really is when I start my drawings, but I thought I would share that for once.

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