Cool Blue: Day 179

Photograph of pen/colored pencil drawing

This photograph was taken directly under natural light. If you look outside my sliding door, all you see is snow. I was having a hard time trying to find good lighting to actually be able to take a decent photograph. So the picture ended up with a bit of a cool blue tone to it.

I didn’t spend too much time today working on this drawing. For tomorrow I’ll have to really figure out where I’m going next with this. Or perhaps I’ll get back to it later on tonight. No matter what I ultimately decide to do with this drawing, I should have something more interesting to post tomorrow. I’m noticing that nobody is really talking about my artwork lately, and I’m getting hardly any views, so I’m kind of going to be stubbornly confident in this particular piece of artwork and continue working hard on it until I end up with something awesome. That’s just how I work sometimes.

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