Duvet? Duvet! – Castlevania: Day 214

Painted Nintendo title screen

So there we go, I got all the main bits all together to form the NES classic Castlevania’s title screen. I’m noticing that I have to adjust a bit of the text because a couple of the characters aren’t quite in the right spot. However, before I upload these to be sold on t-shirts or as prints, I need to make sure I add my own personal touch to it. I have some ideas…

I’ve been mostly running on Skittles and Pepsi during the making of this digital painting. Oh, and something I wanted to include in this post are the full size dimensions of my original copy of this painting; 4200 x 3700 pixels. So, it’s pretty massive. It’s just about big enough to get printed onto duvets! That’s kind of exciting. That means I should be able to buy a blanket for my bed, a duvet (whatever that is), and put about four of these title screens that I’m painting on it! I waaaaant.

Okay, so that’s about it for today. I’m not completely finished with Castlevania yet, despite having all the main bits done (so it won’t look much different tomorrow), but I need to add that personal artistic touch. That little bit of flair that makes it my own creation, rather than a replica.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I’m curious to see your personal touches to this project, it’s looks fantastic 🙂

    • Thanks as always, Brad. I have some interesting ideas that I hope I can pull off later tonight.