Copyright Mess: Day 215


Well, originally I was pretty excited about working on these title screens because I loved the idea of eventually being able to get them printed out onto different items; like T-shirts and pillow cases. However, it’s not worth even going into it because there ‘might’ be just too many hoops to jump through legally with the potential of copyright issues. I mean, everywhere you go there are fan art t-shirts being sold anyways, but it seems once in awhile someone like Nintendo will go out of their way to crush one of those fans.

So, I’ll still continue doing something NES related with my artwork, I’m just not sure quite what that will be yet. Before I get to that though, I’m going to post some of the ideas I was trying to figure out with the Castlevania title screen. All of which just were not turning out right! Blah. Even the picture I posted above looks pretty terrible. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it today. Rather than feeling frustrated though, I find it kind of comical. Today was a fantastic day where I was feeling good, the weather was wonderful, I’ve had lots going on, and I was excited to get to my artwork. When I did though, everything just fell apart and none of my ideas were working. Funny how that happens sometimes…

Castlevania-Fullsize3 Castlevania-Fullsize2 Castle

So, we’ll just have to get back to it tomorrow then! If I still feel the same way when I get started, then I’ll just have to move on to something new. Hopefully that’s not the case though, because I have something that I want to try and paint. Again, it’s something I want to put on a t-shirt because it’s something that could potentially sell. Though my hopes of making any money with my artwork are pretty low all around right now, all I know is that (and I’ll post the picture that I want to paint right below) if I could get this printed on a t-shirt, it would be pretty niche and geeky. Only a small amount of people would know what it’s from specifically.


I guess, if my artwork will ever be purchased, I would rather it be something 100% designed by myself. Even though I’m super passionate about these old NES games that I played to death during my childhood, and that feeling of nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings, I’ll just have to continue to be inspired by these classics and their artists. So I think this StarTropics project might be my last NES related one for awhile. I’m not even comfortable anymore with doing these title screens and posting them on social media. It’s just not even worth taking those kind of stupid risks.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Sorry to hear about those troubling risk
    Robert, doesn’t mean you can’t do something creative that is inspired by your love of classic games 🙂

    • Thanks, Brad. I wouldn’t say they’re troubling, because if someone was using my designs to profit, I wouldn’t like it either.