Blaster Master Complete: Day 226

Blaster Master fan art by Robert Chapman

It’s finished! If you took a look at the schedule I posted yesterday, then you’ll notice that today, Sunday, is a day where I can do whatever I want as far as my daily post is concerned. So for today, I decided to spend a few hours finishing up this Blaster Master in-game drawing. I also painted in the title there and I think it turned out really well. That title graphic is a little bit in need of some contrast to help it stand out from the background, but it’s alright, I think. I’ll leave it alone.

I started chatting with a nice lady via Twitter today after she began following me. I was originally just thanking her for the Twitter follow, but we ended up exchanging Patreon information. We both pledged $1/month to one another on our respective Patreon campaigns. What an interesting exchange! This girl, Crystal, looks to be a popular musician via YouTube. So go check out her YouTube page!

This looks to be something a lot of people do to bump up their subscriber numbers. Of course, you’re technically not making anything if you’re solely using this method to build subscribers, but I’ve thought of a few very important potential benefits;

First off, people become more aware of you and the content that you produce as an artist. This girl has visited at least the front page of my Patreon page. She’s also mentioned me through Twitter to her 44,000+ followers. If this subscription exchange is a thing that a lot of people are doing to help get exposure to their pages, then perhaps it’s something I should look into.

Another reason, and it’s something I’ve mentioned in a previous post, is that potential subscribers feel reluctant to give money to a Patreon campaign that has very few subscribers. So legitimately bumping up your subscriber numbers is a way to help people feel at ease when they’re considering to help support you. “If other people are helping them out, I could do it too.”

I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m feeling this way, but I’ve been in a fantastic mood lately. It’s probably a combination of a bunch of things I’ve been doing. I’ve been spending more hours working on my artwork, all my other content, I’ve been writing down ideas, working on my website and my other various online platforms, and interacting with other artists through various social media. The best part is that none of it feels like work!

I hope I can continue feeling like this going forward, and that even when I have those off moments, those off days, or even those off weeks, I’ll be able to look back and remember these really important week long instances of growth. I want to always keep in mind that my ultimate goal is to find a way to make a humble living doing what I love to do. To do that I need to just keep creating stuff. Keep sharing the good days, the bad days, and everything in between.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looks perfect Robert it’s awesome! 🙂