Drawing Pen Techniques: Day 227

"Black Pen Scratches" by Robert Chapman

So, with today being Monday, according to the schedule I made a few days ago that means today is a day where I put pen to real life paper and draw something relatively simple. I’m sure most people can relate, but I’m not too fond of Monday’s. I find nothing of importance ever seems to happen on a Monday, and so they just kind of come and go and are eventually forgotten. Not like a Saturday. Now, Saturday’s are awesome…

Okay, that was a terrible first paragraph. Everyone that checks it out on Facebook is only going to get that first paragraph unless they follow through and click on the click to my website. So, anyways… it’s Monday, as I’ve already mentioned. So for today I made an interesting design on paper with my Micron pens. It’s nothing too fancy, but I kind of like it’s simplicity.

Monday’s are also going to be a day where I do a little research on pen or pencil techniques and maybe try a few of them out. I didn’t really use them all that much in today’s picture, but I read a little bit about how to shade properly using ink. Now, most of these techniques I already knew about, however… I wouldn’t of been able to name any of these pen techniques.

I’m going to use Photoshop to draw these up so we have some visuals. Hopefully by creating this, it’ll help me to remember these by name!

Pen Techniques by Robert Chapman


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Hey! I learned something today lol that’s a good Monday then 🙂

    • Well in that case, you’re welcome! 😉