Blood Weed Revisited: Day 278

Blood Weed by Robert Chapman

I’ve been wanting to go back and revisit some of the drawings I made at the beginning of my Year of Creative Habits project. This “Blood Weed” picture seemed to be liked by a lot of people, so I thought I would create a digital version and mess around with it as much as I could. I really like how it turned out. Though I’m a little worried it looks a little bit too Photoshopped.

I guess at this point where I’m at, where I work with Photoshop almost every day, just about everything I’ve been doing will look heavily Photoshopped to me. I don’t just see the designs and the colors, I vividly see the individual layers I’ve created, and the effects I’ve applied to get a specific look. I guess it’s kind of like seeing a lamp and knowing that if you plug it in and hit the switch, it just turns on. On the other hand you could see all the inner working of what goes on inside and how it functions. At that point does it become something more than a lamp? I dunno. Maybe.

I guess it can be like that for artwork. Not only Photoshop artwork either. A painter could see so much more than someone else would in their work. Maybe that’s why I’m always hearing about how important it is to include the story behind your work. Apparently some people want to know how it was made, why it was made, and how you were inspired. Though, I hear some people form an attachment to artwork and buy it without knowing the story. Sometimes the story might change how they feel about it, and they may become much less interested in purchasing it.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looks like some unholy vampiric spell casted lol awesome!

    • Thanks! That’s more or less what I was going for 🙂