Versus: Day 6


Today was the first day I struggled a bit. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to focus on drawing things I’m familiar with rather than always trying something new. I would also (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) like to try and keep things simple. Not spend hours trying to do something better than the day before. No more of that. Tomorrow I’m just going to keep things simple and not spend hours drawing. There, I’ve written it down on here a few times so far, so I have to listen eventually! Right?

What I drew today is pretty much a comic panel.  I have some books on comic drawing and I might read some tonight so I can try some more comic panel drawing tomorrow. I re-used and edited a couple creatures from my stash today. I threw them together to see how well they would mesh. They definitely look like they are from two completely different worlds, but I love that! Reminds me of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, where you had sprite characters that were clearly from completely different video game series’! Actually, I should somehow do this with some of my other creations. Like a mash-up of everything I’ve done. Whoa, that would be kinda neat actually. I’ll probably never follow through with that idea! It sounds neat in my head, but in practice I don’t think it would work at all as the creatures and worlds I create are too different from one another.

I want to draw people in the future. I mean, well… obviously I want to draw future-people, like with laser guns and stuff, but I mean sometime in the near-future I want to try drawing people. I have to suck it up and just see what I end up with. I know it’ll suck for awhile, as I’ve always avoided drawing people, but I’ll post it anyways. Then continue doing it for a week, or longer, to see if there’s any change. We’ll see. I’m no good at planning things out! I suck at planning almost as much as I suck at drawing people.