Hope the Sunburn was Worth it: Day 15


I figured today would be the most difficult day to complete my art and get it posted online. Mainly because of the potential hangover. But also because I would need to find time away from the group to complete it. Not to mention the potential weather problems. However, it’s been such a beautiful day today. I spent a few hours at the beach (toasty) and I don’t expect I’ll have a better drawing experience. Well, for awhile at least. So many inspirations! Figures though, that I draw a creepy crawly.

That’s all I’m going to write today though. Gonna go back and track down the group. See what trouble I can get into. Adventure!

EDIT: This post is for August 23rd. The internet at the campground didn’t allow me to upload my post. Just continued to give me errors. So now that I’m home, I’ve posted it.