Inside my Head: Day 9

"Tentacle Creature" created by Robert Chapman

I’m really happy with how this guy turned out. Still not exactly sure what it is though, but it looks pretty cool. I kind of wish I tried to add some color, but I don’t want to mess it up. So it’s staying just how it is for now.

My thoughts have been quite complicated and a little confusing lately. Wondering if I’m where I’m supposed to be, or doing all I can to be where I want to be. Or if thinking about that even matters. If I didn’t have the brilliant friends that I have (you know who you are) then thinking this way might lead to negativity and maybe even depression. Instead it all stays positive, and fascinating. Being inside this head sure is quite the adventure.

I’ll be trying my hardest to keep up with my drawing. It’s been incredibly therapeutic for me to get all my thoughts out into my artwork. I haven’t been so good at the daily writing part of my daily posts, but I seem to be getting better as time goes on. It’s more difficult than I thought to write about what I do daily, and what inspires me.

I’m done for now, but I’ll keep doing daily updates. I wonder if it would be a good idea to do a monthly recap where I can reflect on stuff.