Anything at All: Day 2


I wanted to do something with a little more color today, so this is what I ended up with. It took me a little while to complete. Maybe a couple hours. Was fun for a little while, but after an hour I just wanted it done. I had to make sure to keep it as consistent as I could throughout as I didn’t want my impatience to show. I’m glad I added the color in the background.

My posts won’t often be detailed pieces that take hours to complete. I just happened to have the the time to do it. The main purpose of this is to get me in front of my computer, or do something with paper and pencils, and drawing something, anything at all. Then post it and discuss why I did what I did. Pretty simple.  Some days (most days?) it could be just some simple sketches or maybe just getting some ideas down.

So, day 2 complete! Hopefully tomorrow I can work on creating a new header image for the website. The one up there, as I’m writing this, is just a stock photo from WordPress. Gotta change that!