Digitizing Fuzzy Critters: Day 21


I finally completed this guy. I was thinking about doing some shading, but I think he looks best with more of a cartoon style. The colors turned out great. Especially the white! Maybe I should of put some of that white on his toes and tail. Oh well. He still looks great, I think.

I’m really stoked that I made it to 21 days. So far so good! I still struggle with what to write in this space. I never really feel like posting any of my personal thoughts. Or, at least not very much. There isn’t a whole lot going on that’s worth posting. I mean, yesterday I had some news about what I might be doing in the future. As far as any professional artwork goes. We’ll see what happens with that. At the moment it’s kind of wait-and-see.

Up next, I took a picture of another sketch I made years ago. I’m going to be digitizing him sometime, just like this guy. It should be fun. I’ll post him right below.