Gloomy: Day 53


I spent a few hours on this today and I decided to leave the rest of it until tomorrow. We’ll see what it turns into. I wanted a wave like shape and lots of blue and green throughout. I’m sure I’ll have some other colors in there as well.

I decided to leave it for now because it was taking so long to complete. I’m starting to get hungry and it’s already 6pm! I plan to finish it, however I really should take a break from the time consuming stuff and do a whole bunch of simpler drawings for a week or something. I’ve noticed that I start seriously thinking about one-upping my previous work each time I sit down to draw. Can’t be doing that. It’ll be way too much work and I start to stress a little about it.

So tomorrow I’ll likely be finishing up this piece. After that I’d like to just do some 30 minutes cartoon sketches or something to keep things simple and easy. For now though, I’m off to cook!

Another thing I noticed is that today my camera didn’t really capture the image too well. It’s a gloomy rainy day. So it will likely be difficult to take decent pictures this winter. We’ll see. Maybe during this winter I can stick to a lot more digital work.


Downtempo Ambient: Day 52


I barely did any Photoshop hue/brightness adjustments with today’s picture. I was able to capture the drawing in direct sunlight, and what a difference that made! Very noticeable increase in overall accuracy. Everything stands out nicely.

Now, my only inspiration for this picture was the most recent newsletter from Crystal Moody, a photo of a galaxy, and the downtempo ambient music I always listen to while I draw.

Crystal’s newsletter was all about the desire to become an artist. Runners run, writers write, and artists draw. Actions are the only way to make progress. Go do stuff, don’t just think/talk about it. “The only way to change your life is to change your day.” Good stuff!


Pondering: Day 51

Sun Container

Hello. Not sure what this is exactly. I just wanted to do something kinda similar to what I did yesterday. I also didn’t have a whole lot of time this afternoon as I have somewhere I need to be. So I made something that didn’t take a whole lot of time to do. A couple of orange orbs and some black goo. Sounded like a good idea. Guess it turned out pretty decent.

Anyways, that’s all for me today. Considering I did zilch for my 50th post, I should definitely figure something out for my 100th, eh? Probably a good idea. I’d also like to come up with something relatively clever to talk about in these posts before my 100th one. Something interesting and important. No idea what yet though. I’ll have to think about the idea some more. Something like that would certainly make these posts a lot more interesting for other people. Or at least a little more interesting…


Possibly Radioactive: Day 50

Sci-Fi Something

Not sure what this is, but it’s oozing. And possibly radioactive. Also not too sure why I decided to draw it at the top of the page. It looks pretty neat though! As always, it looks a bit better in real life than what the camera (and a little Photoshoping) creates digitally.

Nothing really happening today, so I’ll leave it nice and short. It’s been a slow relaxing weekend filled with lots of nothing. It’s nice after a busy week. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend.

I realize how boring this is for my 50th post! I’m totally cool with that.


To Paint or Not to Paint: Day 49

Paint Palette

Happy Friday, peoples. Hope everyone had a smashing week! I’ve kept myself nice and busy lately. Especially when compared to some of my previous weeks. Though I guess it seems that I’ve stayed busy for most of the summer. Which has been quite nice actually. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time to try and find something to do. Things just keep coming up for me!

I don’t paint. I don’t even remember doing much painting in high-school. But I’ve always said that I hated painting. Now when I think about it, I guess I never gave it any chance, therefore I would suck at it. So that must be why I hate it. Maybe someday I’ll buy all the necessary materials and (while I make a complete mess) perhaps paint a picture.

Not sure why I decided to draw a palette. The idea just popped in my head and I started sketching some shapes out. I like how it turned out. Though there are some things that are bugging me about the finished product. Little details that feel off. Ah well, I’ve never drawn this before, so I like it when all of that is considered.


Lucky Charms: Day 48

Finally Colors

Lots of crazy colorness going on in today’s picture. I think it’s all the Lucky Charms I’ve been eating today. I’m literally eating some white I write this. Well, not exactly as I’m writing this. More like eating until I figure out what to write, and then going back to eating afterwards. Yeah.

Colors! Thanks to my sister, I got some new paper today. It’s acid free paper that seems really good for colored pencils so far. Not too grainy, not too glossy. I’m no paper expert, but I’m pretty sure I picked out the perfect sketchbook for my needs. Today’s picture turned out great at least

Besides the Lucky Charms, I’m not really sure what I was thinking exactly while I was drawing this. It kind of just happened naturally. Drawing shapes, overlapping shapes, then using pen and eventually coloring them. Then I went ahead and did some shapes in the background too. The photo doesn’t do it justice, not really. I could do some Photoshop editing but, meh. It looks really bright when seen with the naked eye. The colors really pop (hate that term, but whatever) with the black in the background and the black pen outlines for each shape.

Anyways, probably more sketchbook stuff tomorrow. I’ll try to do an actual character or something maybe. Or try my hand at those retro video game title screens I’ve still yet to do. Or edit yesterday’s Halloween card! I have lots of options.


Early Halloween: Day 47


There we go. All finished. Ended up flipping it around and making it into a 5×7 Halloween card! Turned out pretty awesome. I love how much little details there are. Definitely learned a lot from doing this one. Techniques and stuff I should be using from here on out. Especially with Halloween next month. More monsters and such to come, I think.

I got an offer to do some Christmas cards/postcards in the near future! Pretty awesome. I think I’m going to stick to doing these 5×7 card sizes for awhile. I think they’ll be a lot more marketable in familiar sizes. Makes sense.


EDIT: Maybe I’m not quite finished with this yet. I’m noticing some spots where I can make some improvements.