Annoyed Hamster: Day 135

Chubby Hamster Photoshop Painting

Well, it’s officially 21 minutes after midnight. I had another busy day today, including some company visiting to watch a Christmas movie (Scrooged!) and it was fantastic. We also watched a hockey game, and did whatever. I knew I was going to get my drawing done, it would just end up being pretty late!

Anyways, this hamster turned out terrific. It’s not of my own design exactly, but rather from (once again) that manga drawing book my niece, Amber, let me borrow the other day. It’s wonderful! So many awesome pictures of interesting characters. Not all of them are cute and cuddly, but there isn’t a single character in that entire book that I DON’T want to draw! As long as I stay in the mood to draw from this book, I’m going to keep on doing it. I’m learning so much!

I’ve always been pretty good at designing my own faces and heads, but limbs and body structure I haven’t really practiced. I know if I do it enough I’ll get good at it. So that means that eventually I’ll have my characters for that fake comic book I was writing! Um… only problem is they’ll all be woodland creatures…


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  • Sierra Spanton

    Awh hes cute and grumpy! Limbs are always my enemy when it comes to drawing fave and head good but why does this leg look like a baseball bat.

    • lol Oh absolutely! That’s the beauty of Photoshop. I resized and moved so many pieces in this picture! The nose, mouth, eyes, face, legs, I moved around and fixed, and eventually the entire lower half I thinned up a bit.

  • Brad Thornhill

    He looks like a Pokemon that would belong to Gary lol

    • Lol! He does, eh? Or a distant relative of Meowth.