Leecher: Day 140

Photoshop Painting

There, all finished. The finished painting doesn’t look all that cohesive, but that’s because originally I was planning on just having the creature in the shot. So the entire picture isn’t using very many layers, which makes it difficult to fill in a background behind the creature because technically there is no background. There are ways around this using Photoshop (you can pretty much do anything if with this software if you put the effort in) however, it would probably take too long and just isn’t worth it. I’m going to start something new tomorrow.

I really like how that new stuff looks at the top there. The black on blue rock stuff. I think I might do some more of that soon. It kind of has a three dimensional look to it, which is fantastic as it adds depth to the overall image.

I set out to paint something creepy and cute at the same time, and I think I succeeded.


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