RIP Blue Pencil: Day 178

Photograph of pen/colored pencil drawing

See, I knew this was going to turn out looking pretty cool. There’s one problem though; the blue colored pencil I was using just would not sharpen correctly. It continued to crack and break until there was virtually nothing left. I wasn’t even half way finished yet! So, I’m a little bit stuck on what I should do. However, this is an abstract piece and I’m just going to continue on anyways. Maybe I’ll just change the colors up for the rest. Or perhaps go with lots of red.

Either way, it kind of sucks because the color change won’t be because of a creative decision, it will be a decision out of necessity. I really don’t like that! No matter how I feel about it though, like I said, it’s a necessity. So, screw it, it’s happening. I’ll do my best to continue to make this piece of artwork look as awesome as possible.

That’s something I don’t think about too often. For years now I’ve been way more focused on my digital art experience, rather than the physical art experience. With digital, I simply don’t run out of materials. I can go on for as long as I’d like and the thought of “I don’t want to use too much blue, because the last piece used up a lot of those specific colors.” doesn’t even make sense when in the digital painting space.

Speaking of painting, I can’t image what painters go through. Well, some painters at least. I get stressed out when I have constraints or limits to anything I do. When you paint, you spend money on a canvas, brushes, materials, etc. If you try to paint and something just doesn’t feel right, or you feel something isn’t turning out very good, you would get the feeling of completely wasting money. Wouldn’t you? That sounds so stressful.

The other day I was trying to draw something using all my new drawing tools and it wasn’t turning out. I feel like I completely wasted everything. I didn’t feel like I learned anything, and the drawing turned out to be something that looked completely amateur to me. I just wasn’t feeling it. What if that had of been on a huge canvas with paint? Not only do I waste time, but money as well!

Anyways, I’m already feeling like the $40 I spent on these colored pencils is disappearing. Well, the value of that $40 anyways. A good amount of them are already getting low. I’m also using a lot of ink on pictures like the one I did today. It’s also going to be pretty stressful when I start running out of ink, and I’m not making any of the money back!

Okay, that’s going to be all for tonight. I had a super busy day (despite being completely snowed in!) and I only found time in the past couple hours to get some drawing done, and write this post. No answering any questions like I have been for the past few days or so. I should be able to get back to that tomorrow.

All in all, this picture has me a little bit excited to see where it goes next. I think there are some people that are really going to appreciate how it turns out. Good night!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Yeah i saw how disappointed you were when that blue pencil was being a pain but at least you have opinions to mix things up a bit and you never know might turn out better than what you would have expected with more of that blue 🙂