Not Without My Undo: Day 180

Photograph of pen/colored pencil drawing

Part of me actually wanted to spend the rest of the night working on this picture to try and get it done. That way, it would kind of be a surprise to anyone waiting to see how this turns out. So, I filled the center of the image with…. stuff! There’s a tree, and some outer space. I extended both of the black columns to almost double the size. Frankly, this was done mainly because of a couple mistakes that I had to cover up.

After this is done I’m definitely going back to digital for a little while. This project is taking awhile, and the tools I’m using aren’t always cooperating, and I think I really need a change of pace. I have a bunch of interesting ideas I’d like to explore as well. Things that can only be accomplished using digital. Or at least, they’re ideas that I would be way more comfortable doing through Photoshop. Mostly because some of it is going to be trial and error. I miss my undo!

So, that’s all for today. I hope the picture I’m working on is going to turn out decent enough. It seems like it would look pretty cool in my head. At the very least I really just want to get it 100% complete because I think it’s an interesting idea and it might be something I replicate in future work.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    it kinda looks like some evil force is trying to get through into a peaceful world, I’m liking it Alot 🙂

    • Yes! Thanks, Brad. Means a lot that you can see those things. I like it too 🙂