Fresh Prince of Tendrils: Day 181

Crazy groovy space thing

I think a pretty neat idea would be to create a template, similar to the above image, to use in Photoshop. All the basic lines in this image, for example, would be the borders I would use for a series of paintings. I think it would be neat to start with free-hand drawing the border (in this case it’s the colorful tendrils) and the diagonal slices would separate opposing paintings.

It’s a bit confusing to explain how I see it in my head. Anyways, I think a series like that would be a neat idea. You could do one like this, with outer space versus nature, or do opposing seasons. I’m sure I could come up with lots of neat ideas. Day versus night would be an interesting one. Especially since I would have to find the perfect way to keep it different enough from the outer space versus nature painting. Dark versus light, in general, is always an interesting concept to create.

Anyways, the one I’m currently working on right now is shaping up nicely. I think I transitioned pretty well into the different colors on the tendrils. As I mentioned in a previous post, the blue I was using broke. So I’m attempting to subtlety blend into a new shade of blue, as well as going away from the crimson red there, and moving towards an orange color. Eventually, on the right side, I’ll transition the blue into a green. That’s the current plan anyways.

Also, the outer space section is starting to look pretty fantastic. I’m sure that I’m using up a lot of ink though! I fear my shiny new pens won’t last too long if I keep this up. I’ll be very happy to move back into digital paintings after this is complete, if only because I’ll never run out of supplies with digital! I also tend to complete projects a lot faster that way.

Patreon. Anyone heard of it? A video show on Youtube and Twitch that I watch regularly got started using Patreon. They now have thousands of subscribers that are paying something like $2-$10/month and in early January they went full time with their videos. If you look at the Patreon main page it’s all about artists. “Support the creators you love”, is the tagline.

I know it’s been talked about all over the internet lately. I think last year is when I first heard of it, personally. I don’t know if I can compete with anything on there as I haven’t done my research yet, but basically you set up a page and explain what you want to do, and how much time you’re going to devote to it. Then people can pay a cheap monthly subscription to help support that person, usually getting some type of bonus content specifically for the subscribers.

I really have nothing else to say about it at this time though. I don’t know how I feel about it, like whether it would be a stressful endeavor, or whether it would be disappointing if I got zero subscribers. I’ve only been thinking about it since last night. I’ll do my research and hear what others have to say about it before I decide anything.

We live in an amazing time where you no longer have to beg art galleries or restaurants to display your work so you can make your money. The entire planet is online. They all have access to my website, and my shop. It’s whether they can stumble upon the road that leads to it. That’s where you either need to get lucky, or put the work in to get noticed. Well, both really.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    You definitely have a creative gift Robert! I’m loving this piece 🙂 Whatever road you take Robert I will be glad to track it on a map lol everything you are doing is awesome!!