Tentacles: Day 196

Destroyed Alien City

What is even happening in this scene anymore? I just went in a completely different direction with this today, and it was so much fun to make. It’s like when you’re talking to someone about the newest episode of Game of Thrones, and you go off on a tangent about how you couldn’t live in a world like that because they haven’t invented ice cream. That’s what I do when I’m drawing.

Trying to keep drawings as organic looking as possible is so hard for me to do. I absolutely love drawing abstract, because there are virtually no rules. When going abstract, artists can just… be free. You can splash paint on a canvas, swoosh your brush around to make everything look how you like, and call it art.

That’s how this painting started out, but now I’m starting to go back and change a lot of the abstract parts of it to look more realistic. I’ve never enjoyed drawing things that were realistic. I mean, the buildings are still red and distorted, the glass for the windows is yellow, not to mention the monster in the center of everything, but I still struggle with trying to make things like the cracks in the windows look realistic. I mean, okay I guess I’m not struggling with it, it’s just that it takes so much work. Does anyone even notice? Or am I just feeding into my own obsessive compulsive obsession with teeny tiny details.

Perhaps that’s a huge part of what being an artist is all about. We must be crazy, right? I can focus on a small aspect of a picture for an hour, and maybe it’s not even anything that’s noticeable. Of course, when you have a full drawing with little details like that, it all fits together. But, to spend that much time in the first place on something that only a handful of people might see, or maybe even fewer will find value in, is pretty crazy.



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  • Brad Thornhill

    That’s some creepy stuff my friend lol glad he don’t have any freaky tenticle moon monsters above us >< love your imagination robert

    • As always, Brad, appreciate the comments 🙂