Failing Before Finding Success: Day 199

Pop Art version of my destroyed alien city

I spent some time today going through the past 100 days of artwork (and saving some of the images to my hdd) to prepare for my 200th post tomorrow. I plan on going back and reading all 100 of them too, and hopefully that will give me some insight into how far I’ve come during that time. Or perhaps I feel exactly the same as I did a few months ago and nothing’s changed at all! We’ll just have to see…

Today, I took it easy. I’m a bit hung over (Man, I tell you what, I don’t handle alcohol very well. Even when I only have a few, I always end up nauseous), but the hockey game I went to yesterday was awesome! Over the past year I’ve been catching up with my step-dad. It was more than 6 or 7 years since I really had any contact with him. I didn’t really keep track though. So, last summer we started getting together and catching up. It’s been really great. The man was a huge influence for me when I was growing up and living with my mom, and I think he was more honest with me than most grownups back then. Brutally honest at times, but I’m definitely a smarter person because of him.

So, we were talking about some interesting things yesterday while we were waiting for the game to start. We were in a restaurant where on either side of the room the walls were all glass. You could sit at a table up against the glass, as we did, and when you looked out you were high above one of the two hockey rinks in the building. On the one side, where we were, there was a game of women’s hockey going on. The other side was where our team would be playing later on.

So, we got talking about business and success. I was wondering how he decided to get his business going when I was a teenager. Back then I didn’t even appreciate (as I assume most teenagers wouldn’t) how much hard work (and a little luck) goes into making your own money. I mean, it’s usually easy enough to get started, but to succeed at it is a different story. So, he told me something that I believe I’ve heard before, but I certainly haven’t thought about it in a very long time; “You need to fail at it at least once. That way you’ll recognize what success looks like later on.” It was something to that effect.

What he said completely fits with what I’m trying to do here, because I started a videogames/television blog a bunch of years back and my goal was to get rich doing it. Of course, I failed after a working on it for a couple years or so, but it was a fantastic experience and I gained a ridiculous amount of experience. Now here I am doing something similar, a blog, but with much greater focus and determination. Actually, doing what I’m doing now feels so much easier than what I was trying to do then. I don’t put too much pressure on myself, and staying patient when it comes to gaining success is my top priority.

Oh yeah, I made some artwork today! Well, I tried my hand at some “pop art”. This is an art style that Andy Warhol made famous with his Marilyn Monroe artwork. I’m not sure what inspired me to try my hand at it, but I did a little bit of Google searching and found out that doing your own pop art style is extremely easy. I mean, there are no rules! So I expanded my Photoshop canvas and made four different versions of the digital painting I’ve been working on. After some interesting color schemes… voila! Pop art.



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  • Maryann Levesque

    sorry to burst your bubble but simon knows nothing about business. when he started his rv business he stole all that money from customers. never claimed a dime. im pretty sure you know more about it then he ever will