This Thing I Drew Today: Day 201

Early design

So, what do I do the day after I post that massive celebratory post yesterday? Slack off completely for today, of course! After one of the more busy days I’ve had all winter, including walking in the freezing cold for a good hour or two total yesterday; I needed a bit of a rest. So when I finally get to spending my time creating something, I’m called away and I get busy again. Well, I did make something, of course. And it may even turn out to be something…

Now, let’s see if for tomorrow’s post I can’t make this into something worth remembering when I inevitably get to day 300. Depending on my mood tomorrow, I may even try putting it into Photoshop and see what I can create. I think there’s a decent foundation for some interesting abstract painting of sorts.

It doesn’t exactly fit into the consistent universe theme I’ve been sticking to so far, but that’s okay. The majority of my 200 days of creativity so far have been all about trying new things and experimenting. So we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by! Any color suggestions? It certainly looks bland right now in black and white, but the possibilities are pretty endless right now.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    My suggestion!…every colour imaginable lol you deserve to take a slacker day of creativity Robert but for sure this will become something great! the foundation is already good onto itself 🙂