Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 38/365

Day 38

Raaaaain! It wasn’t a good day at all to go out and take photographs. Of course, I went out anyways and took a few, but they aren’t anything memorable and certainly aren’t all that interesting in general. That all being said, this project is mainly all about going out and doing the work. Taking photos even when it’s not what I feel like doing that day. At least the little creature stamp in the corner is kinda neat 🙂

My camera shipped today. I got the email about an hour ago and there wasn’t any tracking information or arrival dates at the time, but I’ll check it a couple more times today to see if I can nail down a proper date for when I think it’ll show up. I’m nervous, but also excited. Anxious. I hate waiting for things after I’ve paid for them, but it’s also exciting because it’s like you’re waiting for Christmas. It’s maybe a week away and then you’ll get to open it up and look inside.