Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 58/365

Day 58

While I was out taking pictures today, I ran into a raccoon just hanging out on the sidewalk. On a super busy street even! I took my camera out and prepared to get some pictures (and keeping my distance just in case), as I brought the camera up to take a picture it stood up and started to claw a bit at the fence that was behind it. It seemed to be afraid and unsure of where to go. Which makes me wonder how it got out there to begin with!

I’m glad it didn’t try to cross the street as that wouldn’t have been very pretty. Instead, it turned around the side of the fence and took off into a yard. I was able to get a single photo of it at the last second.

So that was a cool thing that happened today!

It was almost my photo for the day, but there’s nothing artistic about it. It’s just a photo of a raccoon. So I decided to go with this photo of this tree I found. I had the “creative mode” set on my camera; this red tree was the result.

I think it’s a neat photo to start the week off. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday 🙂