Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 55/365

Day 55

So, I had some fun today.

I found some new buttons on my camera. Or I guess rather I decided to experiment with those buttons and see what they do. To my surprise those buttons add filters to my photos and when I snap a shot, it takes like 5 pictures in rapid succession. Each photo, somehow, is of a different part of the image. It’s a bit hard for me to explain, but basically when I snap a single shot, it gives back many different versions of what I was shooting, quite quickly.

Now, what you see above technically wasn’t one of those images. But what it did give me inspired me enough to add some extra color and fiddle around with the image enough to get something cool. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of this tree (appropriately named, “The Spider Tree”, by my niece) for a long time now, and really it was part of the inspiration for starting this 365 day project in the first place!

I think also I was listening to the right music to get creative today 🙂