Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 53/365

Day 53

It’s funny, how many times has this happened? I swear it’s like an every day thing.

I go out and walk around town for a couple hours, trying to find some interesting things to take shots of. After what feels like an hour of searching, I might have a photo or two in total. Neither of which I feel are going to turn out as anything worth using, or even keeping for that matter.

I continue on, maybe taking a photo here and there of things that are possibly semi-interesting. I’m trying new angles and I’m even messing around with some of the customizable features on my camera for the first time, as I’m getting more and more used to using it.

Like today, I used some blurring effects and I think they look pretty cool!

As I end up back home, I start to wonder if I even got any decent shots at all! That’s what seems to be happening every day; I’m always worried that I didn’t get a single picture that I’ll want to share. However, what also always seems to happen is that I look over all the photos on my computer and like… all of them are pretty great in their own ways. When I’m out there I see things that are interesting to me, take a picture, and then proceed to feel unsure of myself about what it was exactly I ever saw that was interesting. Upon returning home… yup, there it is! I remember now.

That photo is still interesting.