Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 54/365

Day 54

I’m trying really hard to avoid making my photographs too pretentious. I’m still figuring things out, and I don’t have ridiculous expectations for myself when it comes to making art. Whether that be my usual artwork or this new photography thing I’ve picked up, I’m still new at all of this. I have a feeling that I’ll always feel that way! Always learning.

I find it kind of funny that I wanted a new camera so I could take better pictures, especially during darker times of the day, and yet I haven’t really done that yet. Not on this blog at least. I really feel that I’ve already built up a strong habit to go outside mid-afternoon and walk around for a couple hours taking pictures in the daylight.

The year is long, and I have plenty of time left to do experiment with my shots. I found some new features on my camera today, and did some experimenting with them. Things mostly turned out alright, but this was my first day even using those features; filters, blur, and some zoom effects. I’ll continue to mess around with them and hopefully in the near future they’ll help produce an awesome image!