A Gift for a Lady: Day 10

tentacle monster in a flower drawing

So I did end up adding more to my work from yesterday. Once again, quite happy with how it turned out. It’s a flower! I can just imagine how this octo-flower thing would look all closed up, like a black bulb in the center of the flower. Ready to eat unsuspecting people! Yup, it’s a big person-eating flower.

Alright, well.. I actually made this for someone. I’m hoping the color isn’t too much. Maybe I should of left it black and white. I dunno. I made this for someone I’ve never even spoken to before. She lives (I hope) in an apartment building near me. Same building my mom lives in. Pretty sure I know what floor the girl is on as well. I left the drawing in an envelope addressed to her. Well, since I don’t even know her name (and the drawing was anonymous) I left it in an envelope with some details that are quite obviously, and uniquely, her. Appropriate stuff, of course. Hell, I don’t even think anyone else in that building knows what a “labret” even is.

Anyways, no idea if it got to her, I just know that the envelope is gone. Someone grabbed it, at least. I might do another one in a month or something. We’ll see if I’m brave enough.

Just so everyone knows here, I don’t normally do creepy stuff like this. (Was it creepy?) Ever, actually. But honestly (and I do realize how sappy this might seem. I dunno) I see her around a lot, but never smiling, so I thought that if there’s even a chance this could…. well, I hope you get the picture. Ugh. I’m not finishing that sentence.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    damn! I was hoping that was for me lol anyways love the colours 🙂 scary as hell!!

    • Rob Chapman

      Awesome! Glad you think the colors. A little less worried it’s too colorful now. So thanks! Sorry, Brad. I can make you a picture if you want!

      • Guest

        Hey, when am I getting mine? 😉

      • Hey, when am I getting mine!?

        • Rob Chapman

          Deleted those comments. Hey, you want something too?! Lol Mario related?
          EDIT: You also aren’t nearly as attractive, bud.

          • Alright, fair enough. Definitely Mario related. Instructables has some sketchy instructions that just might work to turn it into a shirt!

          • The Mario stuffs turned out well! I finally gave away the last shirts. Well, technically I’m wearing one of them, but Amber asked for the last one 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    I wonder if that girl did get this art, I really hope so! 🙂 have you seen her around since then?

    • I haven’t seen her around in a long time. Been waiting to say hi to her too.