Cheated a Bit: Day 12

Black characters photograph

Day 12 already? I cheated a little with this one as I started drawing this late last night. I knew I wasn’t going to be home all that much today, so I’m glad I got some of it done then.

I found better paper to use today. It’s perfect for colored pencils as the colors blend really well when compared with the paper I’ve been using. Now that I’ve discovered some better paper to use, I really should figure out a new way to take these photos. The colors and details just don’t come through very well. I’m using my Asus Memo HD7 tablet to take the pictures. It’s an HD camera, but I find the quality is only decent when under direct sunlight. Outdoor shots are best overall.

I might head out today to pick up some new drawing materials. I’d like some of those gel pens the kids are using these days. I love to properly ink my pencil sketches, and regular black pens just don’t work very well when used over the pencil. So we’ll see what I can come up with for next time.


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  • These guys are great!

    • Rob Chapman

      Yes, they are actually! They look much better on paper. Hmmm is it safe to put my pictures through your scanner? With all the lead and all. Rubs off on skin easily.

      • I’m pretty sure it would rub off the scanner with a cloth pretty easily too. 😉

  • Brad Thornhill

    they look like they might live on a planet of pure darkness but with their coloured eyes as lights! 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      Yeah! Sounds logical heh

  • Brad Thornhill

    Thus begun the quest for better pens! for thou better paper was not enough for an artist such as thee! Lol