Gel Pens: Day 14


Hello, people! Didn’t expect to do my daily art post before I left for the weekend. I figured I would be way too busy when I got to the campground, setting up tents and whatever, so I thought it was best to get it done before I left. Just a quick update today though.

I’m giving those gel pens another try. Turned out much better this time, though some issues still persisted. If I go really slow when I ink over the pencil, it turns out pretty good. However, the slower I go the more likely I am to make mistakes. As you can notice in a few spots in today’s picture.

Also, I’ve started taking pictures of my work near a window in the daylight and what a different that makes. Huge improvement over what I was doing before. Just turning a lot of lights on and lighting up the picture with artificial light just wasn’t cutting it. So this is how I’ll be doing it in the future.

Day 14 in the bag!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    for all we know this chubby guy could be trillion feet tall and is hungry to each our planet >< yummm!! lol he has that devilish look in his face lol

  • Brad Thornhill

    Oh right was it not this camping weekend that you got that nasty sunburn on your legs? >< lol