No Man’s Sky: Day 145


Wow. You can hardly see this sketch! I guess I did draw it with a¬†pretty light pencil. I may have to go over it in pen for tomorrow. Anyways, it’s a picture from No Man’s Sky. The video game coming next year to Playstation 4. I am so unbelievably excited for this infinite sci-fi adventure! Each planet is about the actual size of our Earth. The galaxy in the game holds billions of stars, with so many more planets! It’s insane, and I can’t wait.

Today, on New Years 2014, I bought myself a Playstation 4. No, I’m not really financially able to do so, but I traded in whatever I could to get the price down as low as I could. The main reason was that I didn’t want to miss out on the last day of the Boxing Day deals at a particular store here in town. Also, I’ve been getting a lot of interesting signs from the Universe lately that I should do this for myself. I even arrived at the store 10 minutes before closing (again, on the last day of the sale!) and they even through in a PS4 camera. So, now I’m all set. I decided to do a 20 minute sketch and post this before I even open the Playstation box. So, now that I’m all done here… HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE!

EDIT: Oh yes! I almost forgot because I’m anxious to get to my new toy. Congratulations to Crystal Moody for completely completing her year of creative habits! Please, go check her site out here and send her some congratulations! I know she really appreciates it.


Final Fantasy Airship: Day 144

Pencil and ink drawing

Today, I’m 100% finished with my Final Fantasy Airship. I love the colors I chose, and how I really tried to keep it simple and only use the source material as inspiration only. Yoshitaka Amano’s original painting of this particular airship has an insane amount of detail with all the tiny metal gadgets and such on the hull. I tried to do my own thing and not replicate every single detail. I’m quite happy with how this turned out!

Thanks to my niece Emily, I decided to draw some of the sky. I was going to leave it as it was when the ship was finished, but she asked, “What about the sky?” So I added some clouds and was prepared to color in the entire page with a nice blue. I decided against the blue because not only would that take a very long time, but it could actually detract from how good it already looks. However, the clouds certainly add to the picture, making it feel more like a “scene” rather than just a picture of a flying vehicle.

I was reading some stuff online and came across an article on why you should post everything you do, not just the good stuff. Specifically, to post the bad stuff. I don’t really remember the reasoning behind it, but it did sound like a fun idea. On my official fan page I think I’ll create an album and upload all of the work I keep to myself. All the unfinished and unloved pieces. It might be pretty cool. Some of it will be old stuff from when I was inexperienced, and some of it might be ideas that I never did follow through with, but at least got the project started. I’m interested in seeing what people’s reactions to some of it might be. Should be a fun experiment!


Mobile Casino: Day 143

Colored Airship

Today, I decided to add some ink and color to my airship. It’s not finished yet, but I like the way it’s turning out so far. This airship is from the 6th Final Fantasy game in the long running video game series and is one of my personal favorite airships. It’s basically a mobile casino, which is pretty awesome. Does anyone else remember when Final Fantasy was great?


Habit Building: Day 142

Final Fantasy Airship

I originally didn’t have anything written to go along with this post, but I’m laying here in bed at 1:30 in the morning and it’s nagging at me. I think I’m feeling that if I don’t write anything for today’s artwork, it’s a bit of a mini failure. I still produced the art, but I didn’t stick with the routine. The habit. At least, I didn’t stick with it completely.

I guess this creative habit is working. I’ve already noticed a great many benefits already since starting this year long project, but apparently the actual “habit” portion has stuck with me.


The Little Things: Day 141

Photoshop Painting

I liked the stuff I drew yesterday so I decided to do some more. This is a small piece of a really huge drawing that I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish. I mean, I guess it’s up to me whether I finish it or not. Really though, I just hope I can stick with it and get it done. It’s going to take a long time, I think.

When you look at the full size image it’s a bit hard to tell what it is (and that’s on my 32″ HDTV) but when you zoom in there’s already a whole lot of little details. So far it’s just mostly trees and buildings. I’ve been seeing all these paintings lately with different kinds of art styles. It’s a bit hard to put into words, but I feel that I should change up my style a little bit and try emulating some of the artwork I’ve been seeing.

Honestly, I mainly want to stop the nitpicking. Detail is fine, it’s one of the things I feel I do best, however usually I go overboard, I guess. Again, it’s a little hard to explain. I’m not going to stop adding details, but I’m going to stop worrying that one tiny thing doesn’t look right. More importantly, I’m not going to have too much focus on trying to fix the little things.

I don’t want to lose the ability to spot those problems, but I don’t want to try and get away from focusing on them so much. Anyways, today’s picture is the start of that. I want the overall image to be very detailed, but only when you zoom out and see it in it’s full size are you going to get the full picture. Am I making any sense? Let me know in the comments!


Leecher: Day 140

Photoshop Painting

There, all finished. The finished painting doesn’t look all that cohesive, but that’s because originally I was planning on just having the creature in the shot. So the entire picture isn’t using very many layers, which makes it difficult to fill in a background behind the creature because technically there is no background. There are ways around this using Photoshop (you can pretty much do anything if with this software if you put the effort in) however, it would probably take too long and just isn’t worth it. I’m going to start something new tomorrow.

I really like how that new stuff looks at the top there. The black on blue rock stuff. I think I might do some more of that soon. It kind of has a three dimensional look to it, which is fantastic as it adds depth to the overall image.

I set out to paint something creepy and cute at the same time, and I think I succeeded.


Merry Christmas! Day 139

Photoshop Painting

Merry Christmas, everyone. This is my first, and last, Christmas during this year of creative habits project. I mean, I may do another year after I’m finished with this one, but this is my first. I noticed that I pretty much completely stayed away from Christmas/holiday themed artwork up until this point. I find that a little bit surprising. I guess when I went and drew all those Halloween inspired creations it was more up my alley. Creatures and all that makes more sense to me than Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and reindeer. I do love a snowy winter though, so maybe I’ll incorporate that at some point. I haven’t been in the winter spirit yet though. We haven’t really had much snow this winter.

Would anyone out there like to see more holiday themed artwork? Honestly, if there’s any actual demand for it I would gladly do it. I’ve had an image in my head for awhile now. An image related to wintertime. An old forgotten vehicle buried in the snow. Kinda of twilight time of day with a lot of pine trees around. I can’t remember where that image came from, but it was a month or two ago when I started thinking about it. I definitely should get that onto paper. Even if I don’t finish it, because I expect it would take a long time to complete. It would be nice to just get it on “paper”