Frozen: Day 125

Blue, black, and white Photoshop painting titled, "Frozen Notch"

My god, did this ever take forever. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I started making this. At first the small brush strokes that make up the blue, black, and white image took an hour or so, followed by an hour and a half of tiny little notches to cover the entire painting. The things I do to “potentially” make things look cool. I had no clue how this would turn out and honestly, it wasn’t worth it! My hand is sore, and I don’t think it looks like anything special really. However, as always I learned a whole bunch about particular brush settings and color mixing etc. Overall, it was a very positive experience. Here’s what I started with (picture below)

Original Frozen Photoshop painting

Today, I also looked into how to get my artwork printed out. seems like a good bet. They have canvas printing which could be pretty neat! I have to look into it some more but this seems like the place I’ll shop at when I’m ready to sell my work. Assuming anyone will actually buy it. Perhaps today’s work isn’t the best example. However, I plan on painting at least 50 paintings in the next couple months so we’ll see if any of them are worth printing out! Either way, it’ll be a fun experience.

So, for tomorrow then, any suggestions? Colors, themes, etc. Anything would be appreciated! Write some in the comments. Thanks, Brad for the “ice” suggestion yesterday.


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  • Sierra Spanton

    Looked awesome bobby!

  • Brad Thornhill

    You’re welcome 🙂 I think it looks great, looks very spiritual like some kind of frost spirits 🙂

    • Yeah, was definitely going for a frosty kind of feel to it 🙂 Thanks, Brad.